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A Simplified Solution for Achieving better Corporate Governance

Crafting a compliance framework can be challenging. Sybal’s Proof of Governance® solution is designed to give you real-time feedback on the strength and weakness of your policies. Schedule a discovery call today to see how it works.
Introducing the World’s First Proof of Governance® Solution (Internationally Patent-Pending)

What Is Sybal® ?

If your enterprise operates in a regulated industry, you need Sybal. The average cost for a single non-compliance event is $4 million USD, not including lost revenue. Watch this short video to see how Sybal’s Proof of Governance (PoG) Solution can help your organization build stronger corporate policy.

Sybal® is your independent governance partner helping you achieve Governance Wellness.

With the pace that regulations change, there’s nothing more dangerous than static, outdated information. Most organizations wait on an annual audit, or worse, a non-compliance event, to evaluate and optimize their compliance policies. This lack of routine housekeeping leads to data blind spots and a reactionary compliance culture. Internal biases also affect the quality of corporate policies and the systems implemented around them.

Sybal is your independent, unbiased governance partner, helping you measure the effectiveness of your unique company and compliance policies, in real-time. How it works: our patent-pending automated system analyzes anonymized event data from your organization. Using this data, our software scores your policies and shows you opportunities where you can increase effectiveness.

Sybal® is the only governance management solution that transforms static policy into dynamic, immutable governance.

We analyze your company’s anonymized event data to provide real-time measurement of your policy’s effectiveness.

Product update: Your company’s governance wellness metrics are recorded to an immutable ledger, so you have independent proof of your policy health.

Automation provides continuous, real-time analysis of policy effectiveness to reduce the cost of maintaining your corporate governance.

Sybal’s Proof of Governance is customizable and agile enough to meet your company’s individual needs.

Do you manage policies in a regulated industry?

Proof of Governance

Sybal® solves the most common problems faced by compliance professionals.


Win Buy-in From Corporate Leadership
Compliance professionals need to be able to prove the value of their roles to leadership and governance committees. Sybal’s PoG solution provides transparent, unbiased data that risk, and compliance officers can use to secure the support they need to do their jobs effectively.


Empower Your Governance Team
Compliance teams often complain about having insufficient data, leading to a lot of guesswork when crafting corporate governance. Sybal empowers compliance officers, teams, and team leaders with the insight and actionable data required to make educated decisions with confidence.


Be Better Prepared for Audits & Exams
Annual expenses related to regulation in the U.S. cost nearly $2 trillion per year. Sybal’s unique Proof of Governance solution helps organizations clearly understand their governance wellness, so they are better prepared for audits and eliminate dependence on costly guesswork and data blind spots.

Attaining better Governance, Risk, and Compliance outcomes just got simpler. Connect with a member of our team so we can show you how!