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Sybal Governance-as-a-Service and Synatic Join forces in Symbiotic Channel Partnership

Tackling the banking industries’ most urgent data management and governance problems, the two offer dynamic, customizable, and powerful solutions

North Bethesda, MD / Newark, DE – July 7th, 2022 – Proof-of-Governance™ company Sybal and Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) Synatic announced a Channel Partnership to serve the financial industries today. 

Businesses need the ability to work with their data as they see fit, in multiple ways. This ensures that the right data is delivered to the right people, at the right time so that action can be taken to create quality outcomes. With data tied up in PDF files, spreadsheets, or other siloed repositories, banks are often unaware of how their data management and governance performance are truly impacting the quality of outcomes. 

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Synatic and Sybal have partnered to provide businesses with the solution needed to solve their most pertinent data and governance challenges. This partnership will allow us to walk into any organization with confidence, knowing we can help our clients be intentional about capturing the right data to ultimately build more trust in the marketplace. 

“Sybal allows compliance officers in the financial sector to assess risk by understanding the effectiveness of their policies and procedures in real-time. With growing complexity of rules and regulations, Sybal is the SaaS tool needed to provide effective policy automation and client trust for any entity,” commented Jamie Peers, VP of Business Development and Partnerships at Synatic. “Sybal’s solution is agnostic and can be applied to any industry that understands the importance of capturing the right data to prioritize quality outcomes for consumers and establish more trust with consumers. We are excited about where we are starting and where we will go as we scale across other industries like insurance, commercial property, legal, healthcare, supply chain, and more. Together, Synatic and Sybal will begin transforming the financial sector by serving credit unions, community banks, and other financial service providers who have been looking for better ways to solve their data challenges in order to assess and mitigate risk.’’ 

“We are supporting clients’ data management and digital transformation initiatives from different angles and with different objectives. However, both products will provide the financial industry with the competitive advantage they need to execute their missions and deliver quality outcomes for all stakeholders within their community” said Christine Sanni, Founder and CEO of Sybal Corp. 

Any organization, whether public or private, operates according to rules and standards by which they govern their people, product rollouts, finances, and compliance with laws and government regulations. Together, Synatic and Sybal solutions will automate the examination of corporate governance by understanding the impact rules and standards have across domains (e.g. accounting, KYC, AML, HR, etc). For more information about Sybal visit www.sybal.io

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